Week 42: Norah Tunic and Dress


I´m here, a little busy but I´d like to share this with you. ;)

I guess you know Mouse House Creations. Yes? Hayley and her beautiful daughter?

If not, got to check it. Hayley sews beautiful dresses and outfits for her daughter with awesome fabrics. But she not only sews for her daughter. She has a tutorial page where she shares home decorations, recipes and a lot of other things and now she is selling her first pattern.

Norah Tunic and Dress.

I was lucky and last week I tested the pattern. He he!

The Norah pattern is a versatile pattern, you can choose several options. Dress or tunic. Three collar versions or without. Sleveless, short sleeves, long sleeves. The kind of pattern I like. 

I made two dresses and one tunic, different sizes and different sleeves and some mistakes too.

The first one is a dress, with long sleeves, size 18 month with a wrong collar. The pattern said cut the collar ON FOLD. I didn´t and the result is this adorable dress with Peter Pan collar.

Our camera is  not very good, is semi pro and you can see the pictures are dark or has like a filter if we took it without very bright natural light.

I really love this dress. She wore it at least twice during this week. Or, I dressed her with it at least twice this week.

Like the first collar was wrong I did another. This time I made a tunic size 12 month, sleeveless.  I tried to match the back seam. I´m so proud.

 I think she is growing, this looks so funny. I choosed the right size for her and her chest measure but looks tight with an extra layer under the tunic. The collar doesn't look very good. Is what happen when you are testing. This version is collar with cinch and ties.  I didn´t put interface in the collar. I think looks better.

Later, I made a second dress when the pattern was ready. This dress is size 18 month, sleeveless without collar and without lining. I sewed a bias tape in the arm holes and neck to hide the borders. Looks like piping.

I have only this picture with Little Girl wearing it. She found rain water in her sand box. It was cold so I ran to change her.

 About this dress I really like faux piping. The pumpking color in the collar in the first dress is faux piping too. And I used it before when I made the mint Hanami. (BTW she can't use it anymore, is small. ;))

I think the more tricky part with this pattern can be the collar and the hem. If you want to buy this pattern you can go to Mouse House Creation´s Etsy shop  or  Craftsy.

And if you want to look an adorable Norah Dress, check the one Hayley sewed here. I definitely will sew one just like it. And if you want to look more, visit here.

Bye, bye


Long sleeves dress
Fabric: Fabicland

Sleveless Tunic
Fabric: No idea

Sleeveles Dress
Fabric: Fabric from Fabricland


Jenya @ While she was sleeping said...

That peter pan collar is the most beautiful mistake I have ever seen :) How do you do faux piping? All three dresses are gorgeous. I just love the last pic - things young children find amusing, hey :)

Pam @Threading My Way said...

Three different looks from the same pattern and they all look great. Well done matching the print on the tunic. My favourite is the first one with the Peter Pan collar.

Olga Becker @ Coffee+Thread said...

Don't you just love the pattern. I just made one Norah dress myself. All your dresses are super super cute. I can't even choose my favorite. :)

Olga Becker @ Coffee+Thread said...

My previous comment just disappeared. Weird. :) Love the dresses, hard to choose a favorite. I just made a Norah too, in knit. Love the pattern.