Hello everyone. Happy New Year!!!


Happy New Year, my best wishes for you.
I know I´m late for greetings but I was on vacations.
In Chile, for 35 days. 35 short days.

OMG. It was so short. I want to go again and visit all those places I couldn´t see this time.
But we will go again, I don't know when but I'm sure everything will be in the same place.

I have not too much pictures to share. I took pictures with my phone, because we couldn't find our camera before to go to the airport. :(

So, this is a warning. I will put a lot of pictures, not so good and mostly all about my kids.

Our trip started in Chillán, a city located 5 hours to the south of the capital city, Santiago. We went to visit my grandmother. Was absolutely hot. We stayed there for a couple of days and then we went to my inlaws who live closer to Santiago (3 hours), in Curicó. 

We spent Christmas there. 
Kids opened their gift at midnight and stayed awake for a while.
We went to visit my husband´s family and then we went to Santiago.
To celebrate a baptism, a new born and stay with friends before New Year.

Our last destiny was Valparaiso, my lovely city.
We were there since New Year's Eve until our return.

My father finally knew her grand daughter and we visited my family.
My kids played in the same place I played when I was a kid.

We went to walk for Valparaíso and visited some turistic places with the kids and my mom.
And we ate a lot of watermelon too.

We visited my other grandmother and spent sometime with my cousin and we did things we won't do in Calgary like ride on trolley or boat.

Finally, in my cousin's apartment I said goodbye to Chile.
And we comeback to Canada.

That picture with my cousin. We used to fight like that when we were little girls.

It was a good trip. Kids could spent time with family and now they ask me to go almost everynight to visit their grandmothers.

Melt my heart everytime they asked me.

A big hug for you



Jenya @ While she was sleeping said...

Sounds (and looks) like you have had a lovely trip :) I loved the pics of your kids with their relatives :) Skype cannot replace real hugs, hey :)

Sarah said...

Sounds like a lovely time :) my family all lives a plane trip hard to leave!