Week 26: In the middle.

Yes!  We are in the middle of the year. So soon?!

I'm old. Only old people said that.

Summer here. Winter in the other side. My mom is freezing in Chile and we are enjoying sunny days. Ha! Finally.

I want to say THANK YOU! about your comments for my tote bag in Flickr. I made it with love, wishing that will be mine.
Love the pattern, is so pretty. I'll make one for me and maybe one for my sister in law who will be here next week, YUPI!!!!

Remember my first post?  FIRST WEEK. It was my second post actually. I showed you two Antoinette dresses I sewed to two little girls for Christmas.
This month will be their birthday and I sewed something for them again.

The Pleated Playsuit is an appreciation pattern. Is a gift, so is FREE.
Heidi from Elegance & Elephants has created this pattern to thank all who supported and followed her. Thanks Heidi!!!!

The pattern is in size 12 month to 9 years. You can choose two lenghts and has pockets. The tutorial has great pictures and is easy to follow.
I had a problem with the pattern because I didn't understand an included diagram. This diagram explain how to cut and how to find the different parts you need in the pattern. I cut wrong my fabric the first time.

And like is usual I changed a little the pattern. In fact, I added a little.
I put a yoke in contrasting color in the front (pink and fuschia fabric). And I made a tutorial if you want to make it too. (I asked Heidi's permission to publish this mini tutorial).

Let's begin. 

By a mistake I made two versions. 

Version A

This is "Bodice Front". I cut in two and add 1 cm (3/8") to each piece.(My superior piece measures 6 cm lenght). Sew both pieces together facing the right sides, use  1cm sew allowance. Press. 
Now you have a  "Bodice Front" but with two different fabrics. Then, continue with the instructions in the tutorial.

Version B

I made this because I forgot I was adding other fabric and I didn't want to use my seam ripper. We can call it "the lazy way".

I. Sew the front pleat
II. Cut a piece of fabric to put over the "Pleated Bodice Front". Remember, this piece has the same wide than the "Bodice back" because the "Bodice Front" is pleated. 

III. Make a 1cm hem and press. (I forgot add the hem in my piece and looks shorter than the other version).

IV. Put the piece over your "Bodice Front" and sew it. (Dotted white line). Then, follow the Pleated Playsuit's tutorial. 

Easy Peasy? I hope so



Pleated Playsuit
Pattern: Pleated Playsuit by Elegance and Elephants
Fabric: Ikea

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