Week 25: Flood

Rainy week. Flood week. Calgary's Downtown was underwater. The heavy rain overflowed the river. My family and me are ok, we don't live close to downtown or close to the river and also we live in highland.

There is a lot of Calgarians without home for a while. The water entered for their windows and doors in less than an hour. Cars and other vehicles was under water. In other town close to Calgary, people who lived in the shore lost their houses. The river took everything.

This is nature, sometimes we don't think how small we are compare with this forces. But this is a great city and I have faith that all will comeback to normal very soon. Besides, in two more weeks will be "Stampede". A centennial celebration here in Calgary.

Every year, cowboys compete with their carriages, there is a rodeo, a parade, a fair and other things related. I hope to attend this year because last year BG was newborn and we had to stay at home. 

I f you think you can or you want to help, Canadian Red Cross is recollecting funds for the affected. Here.

Now, my week. What did I this rainy week?. I slept in the couch with  a hot cocoa cup. 
NOOOO. Is hot here for hot cocoa. Maybe an Ice Tea.

I FINISHED MY TOTE BAG and the other things I wanted to add.

For the bag, I used a pattern created to help people in need in Siria. I call it Siria1212. 
Actually, I think the name is SyriĆ« 12-12. It is a pretty pattern and I was pleased to help buying it. And guess what? Is in dutch.  (I think I have an obsession )

LAST MINUTE THOUGHT: I don't know if this bag comes in "Tote Bag" category but I saw in Flickr the "241 Tote" from Noodlehead and I felt confidence, maybe I should ask about it. 

Now I know what Lia felt when I was her Covert Robin's partner and has no idea about me. (Sorry Lia). 

Well, my partner has name and is a she, only know that. Ah! and her favorites colors, light blue and light yellow, combined. This one is one of my favorites combinations too (right now I'm in aqua / cherry period) but my fabric store hadn't this colors. I went to three different stores and nothing. So I choosed something similar. I found this fabric with light blue, light yellow, light green and gray with a white background and I had the gray denim. Saved for a bag.

The bag pattern, like I said, is in dutch but with great pictures to follow. I translated the principal page to know about materials and measures and seam allowance, of course.

I added to the bag,  pockets and a little band for keys or whatever.

And sewed other things.

Other Things

A Multiuse bag for sunglasses, a big cellphone if you want, wipes, bags for you dog, maybe your keys if you lost them often like me, toys for kids, snacks, anything you want.

An Organizer Wallet with a notepad to take notes or just write the supermarket list. To make this wallet I used the LBG Studio's tutorial. I followed all the instructions and even dyed the elastic like they suggest.

And finally a Tea wallet. I don't know if she drinks tea but I do and I put me in "selfish mode" and made one for her and one for me. I think if you drink coffee you can put there sugar or non sugar bags or coffee mate. Or those cards you get in Starbucks. Or you can use it for your needles and threads. Or for cards and stamps.

In third picture (bottom, left) You'll see Calgary Zoo's cards. The Zoo was underwater. The animals were rescued. I compliance with this wallet my dreams. (Google Translator told me, this is the way to say it. Sound weird to me) I made  a  Cover Button. First time, next time I won't use denim.

Conclusion: I learned. Every time you participate in a swap add a lot of things about you. Blog, instagram, flickr, pinterest. Anything you like. If you have kids, if you have dogs, if you have cats. I don't know everything you want to help your partner to choose or to make a fantastic and unique gift for you.

See ya!


Tote Bag
Pattern: SyriĆ« 12-12 by Leven met Liv

Multiuse Bag
Pattern: Self drafted (is a square)

Organizer Wallet
Pattern: Organizer Wallet tutorial by LBG Studio

Tea Wallet
Pattern: Tea Wallet tutorial by Handmade Therapy.

Gray denim, Flowers with white background and Green broadcloth from Fabricland.

P.S.: This is my "helper" during photo shoot, you can see her little hand in more than one picture. And realized I didn't talk to you about her birthday, maybe next week. Sorry.

P.S.2: My pictures look gray. I used photoshop but days are gray too. xoxo


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