A while ago, I was looking for underwear pattern. Thinking about my LB and his training pants. I found some patterns but I didn't like them because I already knew what i wanted.

You know I have an obsession for patterns in dutch. I don't know why but I love them. Even I have a book my husband gave me for mothers day, "Allemaal Rokje", I hope to start to sew for me very soon.

Well, the pattern I wanted it wasn't available. It was part of an event, a raise funds.(Van Katoen) I don't know if it was my luck or a mistake from the designer but was for sale again and I bought inmediately. I think next day the pattern wasn't.

The pattern is ONDERGOED VOOR VAN KATOEN. Is a pattern for boys and girls, in 5 sizes 86/92, 98/104, 110/116, 122/128 en 134/140. The pattern includes undershirt (tank or A shirt, I don't know the difference) , boxer brief, and girl's boy short (I had not idea about these names).

Since summer started I  wanted to sew tees with no sleeves or tanks for boys. But I had other plans and relatives came and I never found time for sew.

When we start week 33 and we prepared things to go to camping. I cut quickly a couple of tees for boys and finished minutes before to go. (My husband was sooo happpppyyyyyy, HA!)

We took our camera with us but battery died. So pictures had to wait until we comeback.

And now we have pictures.

I didn't topstistch shoulders and necks or made the hem. I will fix only the topstitch part because I like them without hem.

I made a couple for each boy with a fabric (knit) I found in my local shop. The fabric is light weight and one of the tees is twisted after the laundry.

Is a good pattern. Always with good images if you don't understand a word. I hope they sell it again.

Boys put tees in the laundry machine to be wash the next day. Is gooood.

 Boys and a guest

Ta ta


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Lovely :) Look at the tree angels together :)