Week 37: About Me

I wrote this post a lot of times before posted it. It's not a post about sewing or crafting, is About Me.
It's difficult talk about myself and in english. I want to tell you so many thing and can't put them together.
So I'll do my best.

Well, I'm Carolina. Chilean, mother of three. I was born in 1980 and soon will be my birthday.
My mother called me something like Lady Clutter but in Spanish, because I'm a mess. I was not sewing the last weeks, I was decluttering my home thanks to a fantastic website I found. (

And comeback to this post.

Here, there is some pictures.

I am that little girl.
I think the picture in the first line, the last one, was during 84'-85' summer. So I  was 4 years old and she is my mom.

Now, I'm living in Canada. This is our second year here. 
We moved because my husband found a better job and until now life is better here.

Did I miss something from Chile? Well, yes a lot of things.

First, I missed all kind of food, bread, Dulce de Leche, some vegetables, beans, even milk tasted me different. Now we're gluten free, my kids can't drink cow milk and I made my own Dulce de Leche in my slow cooker.

I missed be outside all year, above zero temperatures in winter. 

I miss other things too. Family, of course. You always miss them. 

The thing I miss more is my city or my environment, I don't know how to explain. 
I lived almost all my life in a city where you can see the ocean in every corner. 
The Pacific Ocean was there in every window, in the morning mist, in the salty wind. You can smell it, you can taste it. 
The moisture made horrible things with your hair too. Hahaha. 

Before we moved, we lived in a little town, more like a beach, 20 minutes to my city. 
Every night, around 7 p.m. the mist covered the town, always all was wet after the mist but you could smell the ocean.
We lived close to a gas and oil company, so if the wind was in the other direction you could smell the gas from the company. I better don't remember that part.

Anyway. Today is September 11th. I wait to write this post until today because today is an important date. Not only because the shocking 9/11. 
In Chile, 40 years ago, in 1973, was a coup d'etat. A group of men related with military power(military, marine, air force, police), and with Uncle Sam's help, took the goverment. That day and years later every person who thought different or weren't agree with them were persecuted and disappeared. 
A lot of mothers and grandmothers never knew again about their sons or grandsons, even unborn.
That date divided Chileans in a brutal and horrendous way.

I lived a period in that time and I remember be at home early (curfew). Didn't trust in neighbours because they could denounce you. Some nights without lights. People without job, without food. And my father's cousins went to live to Europe because they couldn't live in their country.

Now, in these days, people could watch on TV some images from those years. . Videos from films recorded for international journalist . 
Those images weren't allow before to be watched in Chile. I didn't learn at school about this period it wasn't allowed either.

Today, Chile is still divided. Still there is people who lives around this date and I know today will be better be at home early, just in case. 

I'm sorry if I bored you but this is a part of my life. A part of me.


Jenya @ While she was sleeping said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and memories Carolina :) I too grew up during turbulent times, just on the other side of the globe :)

Lia*s Handmades said...

Thanks so much for sharing this! I love to read your ramblings and this post comes from the heart! Adorable pictures, too! Your kids definitely come after their mummy! ;)