Project 8: Signature Style Challenge

Well, I couldn't participate in PR&P's final challenge. My computer felt down and we lost all the information saved. We sent it to be repaired and after two weeks, yesterday arrived home. 

We lost all the documents and pictures from this year. The rest was in other hard drive. Thank God is April and not October!

So, I didn't share my pictures in PR&P,  was not possible but I want to share with you the last project I made. 

I sewed this dress for Little Girl, with some favourites for me: Denim, dark colour, baby colours, snaps.
My first favourite, Denim! 
A dark blue denim, the same here

This is a stretch denim. I don't like too much the stretchy thing, so I washed it with hot water and later dried it in hot too. I really don't know if shrinks but it's not super stretchy now. 

Contrasting colour, I chose my favorite, now! Verde agua or "mint" or "baby green". I'm not sure the name but is the same fabric I used here. When I was a little girl I hated this colour so much and my mother loved it. I hope Little Girl likes it.

The dress has four snap. Two for the waist and two for the top. The colour I bought is baby green.

The dress is self drafted. It's a combination of two dresses LG had. In the front has pockets and in the back has ruffles.

I couldn't take better pictures for the back, she didn't want to move.

I made a tee for her in baby pink. I think I bought this fabric in Girl Charlee. The pattern is Celestial Tee from Figgy's. 

Lttle Girl was sick that day

This little girl is too little yet. I chose the 18 month size but I cut 1 inch to the length and to the wide for this tee.

Was fun sewing along with PR&P. I'll do it again. 

See you soon.


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Xoxo Grandma said...

It may be late but it looks perfect. I just hate computer problems, don't you?