Project 15: Blake Dress


I want to share with you my last Project from last year.  Ups!! I know, it's April!!!

Anyway, here it is Blake Dress from Mingo & Grace.

I tested this dress last November and I have to say sorry for the pictures. We had few light those days and always gray.

These pictures were the last pictures I took to Little Girl with my camera. She definitely hates be in front of the camera. She runs everytime I took it. This photoshoot was full of cry and I got a million of pictures of her back.

Well, about the dress. I like this dress a lot. It's a classic dress with a full pleated skirt and includes hidden pockets. 

To make the "full full" skirt Farrah shows in the pictures of the dress, you need heavy weights fabrics or with almost none drape (in denim looks great). 

Little Girl was between two sizes when I tested the pattern, so I made two dresses.

The first one was size 12 month with quilting cotton. 
I like this dress, but you don't get the full skirt with quilting cotton.

The second one was size 18 month in satin. I found this pale pink satin in my local fabric shop. The fabric has texture, like bubbles. I was in love with this fabric and I came back to the store to buy more. I don't know what else can I do with it but if I need it I have it. (Feeding my hoarder soul, ups!)

This pattern is so beautiful and I think is great for a wedding or big event. Little Girl wore this dress for Christmas. Now she can't wear it because its not her size.

If you go to Mingo & Graceyou can buy the pattern and the dress in neoprene.  

I think I will be "not present" for a while or until Little Girl allows me to take pictures of her with the camera. I say this because it's not the same with my phone. She loves those pictures and selfies are her favourites. So, I'm "active" in Instagram.

I'm still sewing for her but little things and gifts for friends. We had visitors too. My sister in law was here for three months and my brother during February, so I was focus in other things too. My SIL sewed for her a dress with my help (no pictures, sorry). I teached her everything I know and it was a very good experience.

See ya!


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