Week 6. Next Project

This week was a hard week. Baby and little boy cried a lot.

But I could made something.

I love sew, and get the final product is really, really great. Love make clothes for my kids. But I hate something,...  the pattern step.

Print, cut, scotch it  (I don't know if "scotch it" is a real word, but I think you'll understand) or copy. Always took my time with this step and sometimes too much time.

Well, this was my week, "Pattern step".

Ready to sew

And which pattern? Well, I'm obsessive and I don't know why  I'm always looking for "White Elephants", one of them is the Village Frock.

After years looking for it without success. Last week a friend who knows about my quest sent me this link. And wow, "The Juliette Top & Dress",  this is the closest pattern I ever seen. With raglan sleeve!!!!. So, I purchased. I hope next week you could watch the final item, a beautiful top for my baby girl.

And last week I forgot, but I did something for my boys too.

Super Hero Night

In a pizza shop was "Super Hero Night", and their costumes were ready, but I don't know why they couldn't found it. So, really quick, printed Superman and Green Lantern logo on T-shirt Transfers Paper, and sewed a red fabric rectangle I had for Superman cape. Quick, Quick. Thank God I had those plain Tshirts.

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