Week 8, Lazy week and Bottoms

This week was lazy and made quick projects for kids but useful indeed.

Before Christmas wanted make Pj's for them, I did. But only the top.

And the Bottom? Christmas came and I forgot.

My boys almost never use Pj's pants and mostly don't use pj's top either. They take a new tee everyday and go to bed (more laundry). But like a good mother I am, go every night to check if they are freezing or not. But no more.

They said pants are too warm for them. So, I made shorts. I purchased the Sew Fab e-Pattern and wanted to use it (before my husband ask me if I'm collecting patterns or what). I choosed the summer pj's from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop. Easy, easy.

Pj's bottom

But I made a mistake, like I used flannel for the pj's top I wanted to use the same fabric for bottom and I think the pattern is for knits (I didn't read it, I'm lazy). Because, Big Boy won a tight shorts in his size and like the week (lazy), didn't want "pattern step" again, so I fixed it. And how?, cut the sides and put fold bias. Now is not tight and looks like a sport shorts and a little girly. More like 60 or 70's look (because are really really short).

And for Little Boy, choose a bigger size than he used to wear, was OK. But had problem with the waistband. I don't know if I cut more elastic than the pattern told me or what?, but now we have a LAZY waistband. And fixed it too. How? With an elastic case in the back. VoilĂ 

Now, her turn. Once upon time, there was a giveaway, don't remember where. But I won two patterns from Go to Patterns, Yupi!!. And choosed, Goodship Dress and Go to Leggings.

Baby Girl Leggings

Like I wanted bottoms, used Go to Leggings. This is a "must have it", because is absolutely good. And tutorial is easy to understand and explain all. You can choose three different longs and different styles (link).

My daughter is not 12 month yet but the size is good for her not too tight and not too low. I use longer and traditional leggings.

Baby Girl

Have a great weekend!!!

Pj's Bottom
Fabric:Flannel, FabricLand
Pattern: Alex and Anna Sumer Pj's from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop

Baby Girl Leggings
Fabric:Joe's T-shirt
Pattern: Go To Leggings from Go To Patterns

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