Week 10. Hoodie

I sewed  this week, eh eh eh

Little Boy

Last weekend cleaned my sewing machine. It was full of dust, poor machine :(. And the serger too.

With smelly machine ( I don't like oil machine), started  the hoodies. My goal was three, but finished two, the other is cut. One for a gift and the other for my little boy. Both almost looks the same but are not.

Front Hoodie

Back Hoodie

 I used a super elastic knit and it was a little tricky. It's like ,in the middle between cutting and sewing, the fabric shrank. I used one bigger size for my two years old but is not fit like I want or maybe he is fat or bigger (oh MY). Could be.

Little Boy, no pictures

I hope the one for tomorrow's  birthday  will be good.
I made the hoodies using this tutorial and Made by Rae's tutorial. The main pattern is FBST. The difference is my buttons are a garnish. I sewed them.

No pictures

And maybe this Sunday will finish the yellow Hoodie and a yellow pair of Leggings for Baby girl.

Fabric: Elastic knit from Chile, Navy Blue and Yellow