Week 11: Handprinting III

Busy week with kids sick like domino. First, Big Boy. One day later, Little Boy and then, Baby Girl. So, not much time.

But I did something!! The idea is make something every week. Because, I need it!!

This week I almost finished big boy's hoodie (maybe this weekend) and printed the fabric for the swap. And sent it!

Is good finishing a project, I love it!

I hope my swap partners will enjoy the fabric. I won't talk about it, because I want they'll discover colors and the rest when receive the mail.

                                           Handprinted fabric

Oh mail. Love mail, I mean real mail. I write a letter, a card actually, every month to my cousin in Chile.
Our mail arrived in a box and we have the key to open it. To me, this is new because in Chile, mailman put it under the door if you are not in home.
When we moved and I knew we have this box I went everyday to open it and saw what is in there. To me was fun, but now not too much. I open the box and found flyers and wrong correspondence. Nothing to me, :(.

                                          cards for my cousin

Well, one of the things I discovered writing letters lately is my handwriting, is awful. I forgot to write. The other thing is "real post is very slow". For Christmas, we sent cards to Chile in November and my grandmother finally got her card in February. Isn't too much time?

But, I still love it and I will send more letters to anyone who wants one and I will be here waiting for some mail with MY name and not someone else name. Do you like write letters or only use e-mail?

Happy weekend.

Cards: "Month by Month" from Sarah Jane Studio

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Judy Tucker said...

Hey there SWAP partner. Got my fabric in the mail today and I LUV, IT!
Thanks, your the best.