Week 9, Waiting

This week wasn't lazy, but I have nothing to show you. No sew, no craft, no DIY. Only cook (not my favorite).

Was a week full of appointments and waiting in the doctor's office (nothing to be worried) and rest with the hubby after his work's trip.

I didn't sew because I want to clean and oil my sewing machine first.
My sewing machine was a condition to move to Canada. My husband gave me like birthday present. That was more than a year ago and never put a drop of oil in it. I think if I sew again before clean it, I can broke it or something. I need to clean my sewing room too, is full of threads and pieces of fabric. But I need time for it, so I'm waiting.

I'm waiting "Handprinted: a fabric swap III" too. I want to start right now but I don't know what colours can use, so I'm waiting. Meanwhile my head is full of ideas and colors and forms. I hope I will remeber it when I'll want print down, maybe is a good idea put on paper before I forgot it.

I thought about "The Covert Robin" and what to do,  now I know what to do only I'm waiting the time to do it, I think this weekend I'll start.

Like I said, this week was only cook and one of the recipes I made was "The Paleo Chocolate Birthday Cake". I read about it in this post.

It was my husband birthday this week just the same day he was landing from his trip (so not big party). He is a gluten free boy because a kidney disease, and when I found this recipe was like Aleluya (Hallelujah in English). I used coconut flour, I never heard about it before. The texture is not different than a regular cake, is like brownie, mmmmmmm. If you are not a gluten free person, you must do this recipe, is absolutley good and fantastic. I have no pictures because in two minutes there wasn't cake. I'll do it again I don't think I can wait for another birthday (in June is the next one).

My husband today goes in another work trip, so in the meantime I'll waiting for him.

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