Project12.1: Charlie Dress

Hello! I'm here today to tell you "Charlie Dress" is at home. Yep! 
Not mine, of course. 

Since today you can buy this pattern in "Mingo & Grace's website", here.

I sewed a third "Charlie" for Little Girl's Birthday, she turned two last month. (Previous, here)

This dress is sewed in a don't remember fabric, I bought it a while ago on sale. 
In the back, I put a red button instead a zipper. He,he.

Little Girl is not a baby anymore, kinda sad!!

She is not a girly girl. She plays with her brothers with cars, swords or to chase the bad guy, always her.

She climbs trees, walls, boxes, stairs or whatever it is in front of her and then go down with a big leap

But sometimes she plays with dolls and stuffed animals we have around.

She is tough, doesn't cry too much.
She hates shoes and things in her hair.
But she is still my Little Baby Girl.

You can use the code CHARLIEFRIEND for $2 off when you buy the pattern
(July 15th thru July 31th).

And you can go to my Facebook page or Google + to check the videos I published yesterday. (I don't know how to put them here, ;p)


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Jenya @ While she was sleeping said...

What? No zipper? hehe Your little girl will always be your little girl... even when she is 30 ;)so will mine :)