Project 10: Debbie's Birthday Dress

Debbie's Birthday Dress (from Sew Pony) came to my eyes via Jenya from While she was sleeping. Her dresses are really pretty ( #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5). She is a Debbie's Fan and for her series,"You & Me", I sewed one for Little Girl. Coincidentally, I sewed this denim dress at the same time she posted about her own denim dress.

I understand why this pattern is a number # 1 for Jenya.  It's easy to put together and you can embelished it with wathever you want. (I choose lace for Little Girl's dress). 
Love how the dress looks. I think the pattern is perfect for little girls and it is short like vintage patterns. If you don't like short dresses, you can make it longer or a pair of leggings can help too.

My fabric choice wasn't good for the nice weather we're having here. Finally, Hooray!!!!! Fabric is a thick dark blue denim. She only wore the dress during spring I hope she can wear on autumn.

The lining, if you can see it in the picture above, is a red fabric with white polka dots. The fabric I chose to match during "You&Me" series.

Sorry for the pictures. This was the best.

I only changed one thing to the original instructions. I put a zipper in the back instead a button. Me and my zipper love!!! 
The hem is sewed with white thread and I like how it looks.

I have mixed feelings about this dress because I love it but it looks a lot like the uniform I wore at school. My uniform was a navy blue jumper with zipper in the back without pleats, plain. My mother had a pattern and every two years she sewed my uniform . I don't remember if the last year at school she sewed one or not, I just remember that I hated my jumper  because I looked like a bell and my friends wore a close fitting jumper bought in a department store and they looked great. Well, some things I remember from my school's years. ;)

One last picture, Little Girl and my #1 helper, Little Boy. Who doesn't like what I sew for him, that's why you never see him around here.

And Pam from Threading my way won "Charlie Dress" Giveaway. Congratulations!!!




Jenya @ While she was sleeping said...

It is such a cute dress Carolina. Love the lace detail and contrastinc stitching. I think using a zipper instead of a button is a great idea! It is a bit scary how many of these dresses I have already made, hey! But is it such a great pattern and it is so easy to customise!

Xoxo Grandma said...

Did you line the jumper with red & white fabric? I love the lace trim you added to the front. It may remind you of your school jumpers which weren't from a department store but I'm sure the rest of those viewing this think she looks adorable.