Project 11: Shandiin

Hello Ladies!! 

It's hot here. I hope in the other hemisphere it's not too cold.

It's not a lie when I say I love "Lou Bee Clothing Patterns", I wrote an entire post about it. I really love them and the last pattern, Shandiin, it's my favorite. 

I cut two Shandiin for Little Girl, I sewed one and the other is half sewn in my table. 

The top for Little Girl was sewed two months ago when still was cold here or not too hot for wear it. The fabric is from "Littlest", again. I told you I love the line.

I still choose my daughter's clothes. So, I try she wears it almost everyday!
I made others Shandiin as a birthday present.
I know two little girls. They are sisters with birthdays in July. 
For them I sewed different options a tunic and a dress. 

The chosen fabric it's the same you already saw before.
My idea was one outfit in red and one in acqua but I had not enough acqua to sew with it, so I sewed two Shandiin in red.

For Older Sister, I sewed a tunic with buttons in the front. 
I have to say I hate buttons, I don't like them. That's why I always put zipper in Little Girl's dresses. In fact, after two weeks I encouraged myself and sewed the buttonholes. I had no problems with them but I still don't like them.

For Little Sister, I sewed a dress.

About Shandiin's construction, if you don't like pins like me, it can be a little tedious sew the arm holes but with patience and kids playing somewhere not close to you, you can!!

Other thing, I didn't understand until I sewed the versions in red that you have four different options to sew the back. The Shandiin for Little Girl and the dress are sewed the same, you can see the binding. In the tunic with buttons the binding is hide.

Shandiin is a great top for hot days, I wish one for me, ;)

Next post will be something yummy. Wait and see!



Unknown said...

They are so pretty! Love the red riding hood fabric!

Jenya @ While she was sleeping said...

Oh Carolina, these are gorgeous! And the top looks so cute on your little girl. I have the same pattern sitting on my desk, I am just about to cut into fabric :)

Sarah @ said...

Gorgeous!!! I love the shandiin too! You should try snaps next time ;) I hardly ever use buttons now!