Well, I planned this post a month ago but things happened and now it's starting to get chilly here. 

Chilly enough to remember warm and hot days! Hahahaha.

What is "Cafe Helado"? 
An delicious beverage.
The translation is "Iced Coffee" but it's not the same Iced Coffee you buy in Drive Thru Stores. Nop.

Cafe Helado is my favorite drink since I was a child. I started drinking coffee because this drink.

If you don't drink coffee, like someone I know in Blogland, there is another equally yummy version my kids love.

Cafe Helado is a refreshing drink for hot days or pouring days. I love both.

Coffee. Whatever you want. Originally this drink is with espresso but if you prefer brewed coffee, instant coffee, decaf, you can use those. 

Milk. The one you like. Cow, goat and almond milk taste good. Coconout milk is a little complicated because it doesn't mix well with ice cream.

Whipped Cream. Optional, it's because looks good and yummy. Personally, I prefer without because I don't like whipped cream.

Ice Cream. The original recipe is with Vanilla Ice Cream. Now, if you don't like it or you have other flavour at home use that. I only tried with Vanilla.

Now let's go with A B C Preparation:




Easy, right? 

Maybe you missed C: Add whipped cream and a biscuit or pirouline or a lady finger for decoration. 
Maybe a cherry on top looks good too. Don't forget a straw and a spoon.

And definitely Enjoy!!!!

How I drink it?
In a cup I put ice cream. 
When espresso is ready I pour it in the cup and like is hot, Vanilla ice cream start to melt. Then, I add milk carefully to see the separation. Coffee in the bottom and white in the middle. 
I coudn't take a picture of this because there are always little impatient hands eating or touching the things I want to take picture.

Now the non-coffee version; CHOCOLATE HELADO!!!
This is my kid's favorite and it's good, good, good for Birthday Parties.

First, Ingredients:

 The same, if you don't have Chocolate Ice Cream, Vanilla or other. But chocolate with chocolate, it's exquisite!! And don't forget Whipped Cream.

A B C Preparation?




Please, Enjoy!

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