Project 13. Game Day Jersey Dress and Tee

Hello everybody. I'm still here. 
I'm doing a lot of things not related with sewing. 
I did some remodelations at home and finished with a broken finger but now I'm ok. But, this post it's not about my broken finger or the beautiful and risky things I did at home. Noooo.

Last year I tested a couple of new patterns and now I'll show you one of them.

Anneliese from Aesthetic Nest, designed a new pattern. "The Game Day Jersey". It's a knit pattern and is unisex. Yeah! The pattern is digital for sizes 2 to 10 years.

I made a dress for Little Girl and a tee for Little Boy
The fit is incredible.

You can choose different sleeve lenght: sleeveless, short, three-quarter or full length. 

Little Boy's Tee has three different length. I sewed short sleeve first and then he chose long sleeve but I cut the 3/4 sleeve by mistake and I added the extra part. Love how it looks in the end.

You can choose a yoke with contrasting fabric in the front and in the back if you like and a full skirt or a skirt with sporty stripes down like Little Girl's Dress. 
You can play with different options, more examples here.

I chose size 2 for LG and 3 for LB. 
The last picture is my favorite. Little boy with different socks. Like always!

Enjoy your weekend!!!


Fabric: Stripes for Little Boy, Girl Charlie. 
        Solid Black, a tee maybe from Walmart.
        Mushrooms for Little Girl from Loiseau Fabrics. 
        Solid Light Blue from Girl Charlie.

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Jenya @ While she was sleeping said...

I would have never guessed the sleeves om LB's tee were a mistake, they look so awesome! Love both tee and the dress :) Looks like it is a great pattern!