Week 20: Sick people and long weekend.

Hello people!! How are you?

Mis "pollos"

We are the same, nothing change. Was a lazy weak with my husband and baby sick. Like "pollos". Be like a "pollo" or be like a chicken is a phrase we used in my country  when someone is sick, is that part when you are in bed without energies and only want to sleep.

Today apparently baby girl was better, but this afternoon started again with digestive problems.

I hope my girl will be ok soon, I don't know what happened with her. She start to be ok, appears a virus and she is sick again. Doctors said she is ok she has the "roseola", "cold", "faringitis", "cold again" and "retrovirus" symptoms.

Here is Long Weekend. Tomorrow will be Victoria's Day, a celebration dedicated to Queen Victoria and the beginning of good weather.  Outside is raining, but rain is good, that's mean green trees and flowers.

Last weekend was sunny but windy, too much windy, and she hadn't sweater, so I made for her a pair of Ballet Sweater for this windy weather. During mother's day this pattern was on sale and I bought it for her.

Ballet Sweater in Fucsia

Fuscia one (size 12 month) I made following the instructions with a band in the bottom, is very comfortable for little ones and easy to wear even if you don't use the ties. I think will be great without ties too. The green one (size 18 month), hasn't the band, like a traditional ballet sweater with ties to put around. For her is better the first one because is always in the correct place. Even if you don't use the ties.

Ballet Sweate in Green

Well that's it. I hope you're excellent!!! With a lot of sun and sunshine giving you light and good energies.


Baby Girl Ballet sweater
Pattern: Ballet Sweater by Heidi and Finn
Fabric: Old Navy Tees.

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