Week 21: Normal People???

I was so happy writing this post and telling you how my people was absolutely OK this week and my daughter started to vomit. Is strange. This is the second time.

She slept, after a few minutes she started with vomits. The curious is I can't wake up her and that is not usual.

Well, this week. I started a quilt. Not a real quilt. I wanted to make blocks and send them to US. Oklahoma's disaster was awful. I was in shock when I watched  news on TV.

I was in two earthquakes in Chile, the last one (2010) destroyed my in-law's house. We were inside, nothing happened to us. They lost their house and some other things, but they had food, pictures, memories, clothes and both were ok. (Now they have a new house, built it with antisismic materials by the way). What I want to tell you is they didn't lose everything in seconds. We felt fear in the moment but if you live in a sismic area you are expecting a moment like that all your life.  I don't know if is the same for people who lived in Moore.  But is disconcerting how maybe years of saving, dreams, hard work, was gone, in seconds.

Maybe for an empathic thing. I don't know how to explain it. But I wanted to help and I'm sewing this "almost quilt". Is not ready yet, I'm working. I wanted to make something like this. I love this Herringborne blanket the first time I saw. There is a pattern for it in Etsy but shop is close for a while, so I have to look and found this tutorial. 

I also made two "short pants" for my boys, but i didn't finish them. I only have to put the elastic but I started the quilt and forgot the pants.

The pattern is the same I used with "Kaboom" Short Pants two weaks ago. Is a nice pattern from Kiind Magazine. You can find here.

Have a good week!

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