Week 18: Top Abril and Lia's Handmade Swap


Do you like swaps? Lia's Handmade is hosting "The secret tote bag swap" and it is international.
I love swaps. I am in, of course! More information here.

And  Spring is here!!!! For today we expect 22 Celsius degrees. Yupi!  Kids can be outside .

    Me and "mis pequenos"

Yesterday we walked with kids, was warm and not windy. They was were happy and slept a looong nap  after the walk (usually, they don't nap)
 I was wearing my comfy Top Abril from Naii Sewalong. (no photo, forgot the camera).  Is great! The pattern  has more options, you can choose knits or woven, four different necklines, with or without sleeves or zip, top or a little longer like tunic. I don't know if the pattern is in her shop yet. But you can watch others "top abril" here.


The knit is from a maternity cardigan I never used, really soft. The color, ha ha this is funny.
 When I was little all my friends had their walls purple, purple clothes, purple bed's stuff purple. I really hated it and my mom uses it almost everyday because is her "professional color". Maybe sound strange but she works in a health center and in Chile people who works there use different color, dieticians purple, nurses blue, obstetricians bloody red (is really awful this color) and etc. I know the purple I'm talking is lighter but every tone of this color made me puke.
Now I wear it, a lot. I don't know if there is more purple clothes for all ages now than before or I'm old. (My grandma wore this color a lot). Now I have my top abril in this color, scarf, gloves, socks, handbags, hats, nail polish and my bathroom and one wall in my bedroom is purple too. I didn't paint it but I laughed when I saw it. I think now maybe I am a purple lover.

Other news, not only warm weather is here. A bunch of fabrics I bought are here too. My husband was in State this week and his souvenir was fabric. I bought knits and cotton quilt. Shipping from State to Canada is affordable but sometimes is not. For knits I paid 12 instead 46. And fabrics are cheaper in USA than here in Canada. So my husband became Santa when he comeback.

Knits are from Girl Charlee Fabrics and cotton quilt from Hawthorne Threads.

I will make some clothes to boys and for my baby and niece.

Have a great week girls, bye!

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