Week 24: One dress, two dresses...

Hi everybody!!

I finished my tote bag for the swap. I don't want to send it. I want it for meeee!!!

I think is lovely. I will share with you just a little, because I want to send it with some others things I haven't finished yet.

Tote with pocket. Like my partner want.

And now, I can show you my little girl's dress. The one I tested last week.
Well, I sewed two. This week made the second one.

The pattern is "Anchors Aweigh Sailor Dress" by Peek-a-boo pattern shop. I received the pattern from the designer for free because I was a Tester. I'm not affiliate. I just want to sew.

Original Dress

This is the original dress. Is very nautical. When I heard the name I only thought in blue navy, red and white combination. And my first dress is blue and white.

Blue Dress

Is beautiful and a little short. But I adore it. The fabric is from an old but new (without use) Pj's pants. I changed the collar and I didn't use ribbon. I made two collars, one narrow and put it over the other. She looks so beautiful.

The second one was for a second call. I guess everybody think like me about colors and the designer wanted other options. So I swam deep in my stash and found this fabric, similar to a seersucker but I don't know if  it is a seersucker. I bought 4 meters in a thrift store for 5 dollars.

Yellow Dress

This dress has a removable collar, both sides has differents colors. I changed the sleeves. I made a puff sleeve in the bottom and dress is longer than the blue one.

I like it but is too yellow and maybe I'll have to add a ribbon or similar in the neckline.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention. I love this pattern is versatil and easy to sew. Instructions are easy to follow too and has good pictures. The pattern came in a box, so you can print it and don't have to guess for missing parts. 100% recommendable.

This week will be LG's birthday and she'll wear the blue dress. I'll show you pictures next week. Or you can follow me via Instagram.

Did you notice my pictures change? I'm using my husband's dslr. I'm learning. You can see that in last pictures. A lot of light.  I took the pictures at 3pm and was sunny. The sun was above our heads and  LG looks like a racoon with a mask in her eyes and with a shinny dress. (Not too shinny because hubby used Photoshop to fix colors).

My little Racoon

Well, have a great week. Here is raining. And mosquitoes are here!!

Blue Dress
Pattern: Anchors Aweigh by Peek-a-boo Pattern shop
Fabric: Never use pj's pants

Yellow Dress
Pattern: Anchors Aweigh by Peek-a-boo Pattern shop
Fabric: From thrift store.

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