Week 23: Testing, testing...


Beautiful days here, warm and rainy and warm again.

This week I tested a pattern. I don't know if I can talk about it. So, I'll wait until the pattern comes to light.

But is cute and will be Little Girl's First Birthday Dress.

Maybe I can share a little...

         Little Girl in her new dress.

She is so big and is changing. Growing.  She is climbing, running (her way), laughing like his brother (Little Boy). Even when we talk with my mother by phone, she didn't know who is who. She is a copycat.

She likes when we sing and eats all her food with her tiny fingers.

I'm waiting for her birthday and waiting for share with you about it. I never was so excited with a first birthday before, maybe is because she is a girl and showed me a new world (after two boys). This new world has a lot of pink and I try to avoid it a lot. I want to sew for her a great variety of dresses but sometimes I dress her with his brothers tees or shorts (the smaller ones, the ones they don't use it anymore). And she looks more comfortable.

With boys I try they don't wear to much blues, greens or browns. I sewed a purple tee for BB, he wears like PJ's, and a shinny red pair of skinny corduroy. They watch "My little pony" (I don't know why) and eat in pink and lavender bowls. The last one wasn't easy for BB but now after he lost "the pinky bowl's fight", he doesn't care about it but he still doesn't put a foot outside when he is wearing the purple tee.

I hate this "pink is for girl and blue is for boy". It's so ridicolous. When BB was 3 y.o,  his favorite color was pink, red and black.  And someone put in his head that pink is for girls and dolls too. Conclusion, he stoped to play with the girls in his preschool. Now with his sister, he's changing, he's accepting dolls (fabric something, I don't believe we can call them dolls) and plays with them to make her sister smile.

Doll. I sewed it for LB but he didn't like it.

Oh boy! This girl is a blessing for us. LB can't imagine his life without her. If they are not together he looks for her and when we ask him, he takes care about her. (Well, he has two years old, so is more like a "let me know if she wakes up while i'm in the bathroom")

About the Tote Bag Swap. Ugh! I didn't start yet, but I have the fabric. My secret partner hasn't blog or flickr or anything. Only knew her favorite colors dnd my local shop doesn't think about them but thankfully I found something pretty. This week I will sew it! And send it!

What do you think about this thing about genre colors or genre activities? Are you a PRO or against them? I'm clearly against them. My husband hates when I told him that I will love if one of my boys want to be a ballet dancer. One of them wants to go to gymnastic classes, at least.

Take care. Have a great week!!

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