Week 22: que llueva, que llueva...


How was your week?

Do you had sunshine? or is there autumn?  Here in Calgary it was and it is raining.

Que llueva, que llueva la vieja esta en la cueva...

When it is raining I remember this song. I know there is a version in English because my kid sang yesterday. I only know a part.

It's raining, it's raining....  Only that.

Raining week, cold week. I'm thinking sew long pants instead shorts for boys. BB is absolutely in need for a new pair of pants without showing his ankle. The good part of this rain was kids can wore their rain boots and go outside to play with water. No pictures, sorry.

This week I finished the unfinished. Shorts are ready. BB's short I had to sew twice. He is skinny and taller. Awwww! He is growing!!!! LB's short is ok for his baby's belly.

No pictures from LB, maybe later

It's not like the previous short, here. I changed the pockets, but I like more "Kaboom shorts". I made this pocket because I had no more fabric. And tried to make a false piping but with the same background is not easy to see it.

About the "almost quilt" I was sewing to send to US. Is ready (my part) and sent what I made. It is not perfect but I hope can be useful for a little kid.

I spy with my little eye... a little girl walking behind

I cut more fabric to sew another one. But I don't know if I have time. LG's birthday is this month. Her first birthday!!! I have a lot ideas in my head about her birthday and I will sew her dress. Will be two dresses because next month in July we will celebrate it. When my sister in law and my niece will be here. Yupi!  So I have a lot of dresses and shorts to sew for two little girls.

Well, that was my week without hubby but he arrived home this morning. I'm happy.

Have a great week!!!

Short Pants
Fabric: Ad in White, Peak Hour by Kellie Wulfsohn.
Pattern: Short Pants from Kiind Magazine

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