Never Blogged II: Loving Lou Bee

My love for Lou Bee Clothing started when I saw Doli Tank, I don't remember where.

I thought it had the most beautiful back, so pretty but my Little Girl was so small to wear it. Then, Hosh Pants came and I bought it. Later, I won Doli Tank and during Bimaa Sweater's Tour I won it too. Lucky Me!

And what you can do when you have all these brilliant patterns. SEW!!!

The first one I sewed was Doli Tank. I sewed three for the girls who came to Little Girl's First Birthday (here). Like always, I waited until the same day to sew the hem and only took one picture with my phone. 
I sewed with a white knit and the dots were made with fabric markers.

Before Halloween or after, don't remember. I sewed the first Bimaa Sweater with Cowl Neck with a colorful animal print knit. Smaller size.

The fabric was the only one I found in my local shop. Is a light weight knit and was in the clearance section. 

The second Bimaa has a Shawl Collar. I cut two tops I bought in the supermarket for three dollars each. Again the smaller size.

This fabric is jersey and has more weight than the first one. I made the collar double and some times looks stiff or heavy. Little Girl has no problem about it.

And finally with a floral stretch denim from my local shop and saved for this purpose. I sewed the Hosh Pants. In December, the day before our trip.

This pants looks weird in the back but I don't know if it is because I was absolutely busy when I sewed them or not. I was sewing instead packing. So, I sewed them absolutely fast and finished them before hubby's arrival.

My daughter wears these garments every week and they are very comfortable for her. Thank you Sarah for made this wonderful patterns.

I hope this "Never Coming Summer"  will come soon to sew a Doli Tank for Little Girl and a Bimma with Hoodie for Little Boy. 

"This is not an affiliate post. I'm just declaring my love for these patterns"




Jenya @ While she was sleeping said...

Oh Carolina, I love all these things, but the floral pants are just superb! Thank you for sharing :)

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness!! They are all so, so wonderful! I'm so happy you shared these! <3

Pienkel said...

What a lovely collection! Now I'm convinced I need the Hosh pants pattern as well... The Bimaa is my current favourite pattern, I made a total of six between my three kids, and they're never on the shelves, as soon as they are back from my laundry pile, they are being worn ;-)