Project 6: Put me in the zoo

I decided to participate sewing along with Project Run & Play.

The first Challenge is "Put me in the Zoo"

And I choosed  chose an animal that I always loved and you can find them in some Zoo.
A turtle. A sea turtle to be specific.

In Chile you find them in a different section called "Terrarium" with spider, snakes and other little creatures. The weird thing was turtles and sea turtles were always together one next to the other. Why a sea turtle is in a Terrarium? No idea.

I had two turtles when I lived in Chile with my parents. Their names were "Chica"(small) and "Grande"(big), paradoxically the big one was "Chica". They were fast. My turtles heard my dad when he came home after work and ran to say Hello to him. He was the one who fed them. Turtles are so pretty and I never think they could act like that.

I made for Little Girl a turtle outfit. This outfit has two garment.

A little jacket or shrug like a shell. Is green and I painted hexagons with fabric pen emulating the figures you can find in their shells. The pattern is Winnie Shrug by Wee Muses.

The dress is like the belly of the turtles. Turtle's belly has sections and a pale yellow color. I tried to do something similar and I divided the body in sections and added a line of green. 

My fabric store only have this yellow and didn't look so bright in the shelf. I mixed two patterns to make the dress, Hanami and Geranium.

The body is Hanami and the sleeves are cap sleeves from Geranium dress. The back is Geranium too and I choosed kam snaps instead buttons.

The skirt is pleated with three different colours, yellow, light green and dark green.

More pictures?

Thank you for visiting me!


Pattern: Hanami top and dress by Straight grain
         Geranium dress by Made by Rae
         Winnie Shrug by Wee Muses


Linda Lee Steaples said...

OMGOSH THIS IS SO DARLING !!!!! Also really mocks a turtle very well, and she is such a cutie pie... Great Job Mom...

Orange Who? said...

Fantastic, fits the brief perfectly, and a very lovely outfit.

jacq said...

this is perfect.
that jacket...the colors...all of it works.
great job

Unknown said...

I love this! Very beautiful and a great interpretation! I love kam snaps!

Xoxo Grandma said...

I love seeing turtles, especially when I'm snorkeling. We only have small ones at our zoo. Great interpretation & the turtle shell shape on the shrug is a perfect detail.

Sarah H said...

This is so so adorable! I love the fabric marker addition! I may have to try that !

Jenn said...

What a beautiful outfit! I think you did a wonderful job being inspired by your animal without being too literal. The dress is gorgeous and the shrug is the perfect accessory.
I saw your note at the beginning of your site, so I thought I would let you know that you should use the word chose instead of choosed. (Your English is very impressive though, keep up the good work!)

Anonymous said...


Magda said...

This is one of the most adorable entries in the PR&P link party. I really like the inspiration and how you used it. It is there, no costumy at all and just so weel made.

Simple Simon and Company said...

This is so cute! I love the colors and the inspiration and the snaps on the back!

Jenya @ While she was sleeping said...

Carolina, I absolutely love this outfit! Bravo!

~T~ said...

I love turtles, too, and this outfit is darling!