Here it is! Post about what I made and what I received

Covert Robin

What I made: a book and a clutch. After a few problems and delay, my partner finally has her gift. And I learned never ask someone put in the mail a parcel, ever again!!. Sorry for the pictures but I thought it was better when I took it. Hope Jenniffier took better pictures.

I started to write about my bookbinding and realized that I have to write a post later about it because now is not the moment and maybe will be a loooong post.

Well,  Jenniffier enjoy quilting. So I had to put something about it in her gift. I combined vinilo (don't know if in english has the same name) and fabric and love the result. I put some pentagons too. For the clutch I did the same. The pattern I used was a smaller version of this one. Inside put some sewing supplies and pens to write. I hope my partner enjoy it. Because I did.


What I received:
This beautiful bag, very useful and handy and pretty. We used it every time we CAN go outside. Is my stroller bag. More about it here.

Handprinting fabric swap

I love this swap, I have four fat quarters, handprinted by four different ladies from four different countries (including me). It was the first time for all of us. It was great!

I have not better picture about my handprinted fabric. I took one just before send it. Sorry.

Love swaps!!!!

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