Week 16: Pattern step week.

This week was "pattern step". I was "starting engines" (at least I've watched "Cars" two times per day during the week) for KCW and Naii sewalong. Maybe I'm crazy for  be in both but I don't want to miss this opportunities.

She wants to know which one is for her. No one!

For KCW, fabric is ready.  I cut all and now just have to sew. I choosed a shirt pattern from Knippie for little boy and two Charlie shirt from Mamasha. This will be the first time I sew both, wish me luck.
For Naii's sewalong, pattern is traced and cut, and fabric too. I had some problems with fabric because I wanted to use a maternity cardigan I bought in Walmart when I was pregnant and never wore. I though it was big but wasn't, so I need fix a few details before.
The  difficult part in this "pattern step week" was add sew allowance to patterns. So, was a long "pattern step week".

But when I finished I started a new project.

Ikea's fabric Divider Basket

I bought the Divider Basket Pattern from Noodlehead, because is stinky cute and of course, I need one. And the bunch of babies coming this year need one basket too.
I made a basket diaper for my little ones (same fabric here).

Lateral view

Tutorial is easy to understand and have good pictures. But I had some problems with my machine. I broke a needle, twisted another. I didn't have the right materials ( I used tricky fusible and not easy going interface). Was difficult sew three thick layers or more and my machine was in her days (yes, is a she and her mood has a lunar cycle).
But when I finished I wanted to make other. Is addictive and I want to sew minimum three for my house.

When I finished I realized I need a pin cushion.

My method

 My method was not very good and when little ones were with me in sewing room (or baby room, or guest room), play with pins is the most attractive game.

Cute pin cushion and Miss Sewing Machine

Yesterday I made a pin cushion for me. I saw this one in Noodlehead and love it. Is quick, easy and pretty, great gift. I filled with brown rice no ones eat here and the fabric is the same I used for last week's pinafore. Cute!!

So busy week, no one was sick and we had one sunny day with more than 10 Celsius degree, hooray!!

 And you, how was your week?

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