Week 15: Some Things

Loooooong week. I was sick, really sick almost half of the week. But now I'm okay and my kids too. Waiting for the sunshine. Please, come quick!!!!!!!!! I'm waiting.

My baby girl is teething. She looks so funny because she only has a tooth in the upper gum ( I don't know how to explain). I have no pictures.

When I felt better I visited my sewing machine and  finished some things I had pendent.

Big Boy in Banyan Tunic

A tee for my big boy. He started with this and a short project during Easter Break.  He cut a tee I bought in Walmart and painted it with a toothbrush (a new one, only for this purpose) and neon fabric paint.The short is not ready yet because I want he sew it by himself.

Toothbrush Technique

Now he doesn't want to use it because is purple. Oh boy!

For baby girl I sewed a dress, Crossover pinafore. I had this pattern for ages and now finally made it.

Baby girl in new dress. Front view.

The pattern is for 6-12 month old and for her is in between a dress and a tunic. Is reversible and I've used two fabrics, half yard each. Combined both fabric to have different looks. Colors are acqua or mint and white.

New dress, back view

More? Yes, there are more. This week I received two packages for me.
The last fat quarter from "Handprinted Swap" (during week I'll hope post about it).
And last month I "WON" a giveaway. I even "dance" when I knew. One yard of fabric, a NaNI IRO knit from here. Is beautiful and my hubby wants it "to put some color to life". Ha ha ha. I don't know what to do with it yet because I never thought share it.

In my post this week

Well ladies, no more for now.
Have a great week with lots of sunshine, I really wish.

Big Boy Tee
Fabric: T-shirt from Walmart
Pattern: Banyan Tee from Figgy's

Baby Girl Dress
Fabric: Cotton from Fabricland
Pattern: Crossover Pinafore Tutorial from smashedpeasandcarrots

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