Week 14: Easter Break

It is or it was Easter Breaks. So I was busy.

We were close to the mountains and kids played outside. First days gorgeous,  no jacket or mittens, hat yes, but warm and they wore short pants, yupi!!
But next day, snowed. Until when gentlemen???? No more snow please. Even today.
Later, kids sick, still sick, (a rebel cold) and the week is gone.
But we spent a great time.

Mi Big Boy playing outside

Do you want to know what happened this week? My covert robin gift is here!!! And love it, love it. I think is perfect for me. I have to thank my partner because she was so kind and thought about what will be the best for this mama with little kids. (She posted about it here). The bag is very comfortable and pretty and it is a bag full of surprises. Inside there were chocolate, sewing supplies and a bunch of little square fabric handprinted, Mini Charm. I don't know how to use it yet but love little figures stamped.

Covert Robin gift for me

More gifts, Yupi!!!!

I don't know if my partner have her gift yet, for that not post yet.

The same day, I got two handprinted fabric for the same name swap. One from USA and the other is from Australia. My Big Boy opened the envelope from Australia and claimed for himself the fabric. He likes it. I told him I will think about it because I love it too. Thank you ladies, I have plans for both

Handprinted Swap

What I did this week? Last week we bought a tablet for the boys (Nexus bla bla), and I made a clutch for it with my Sarah Jane flannel. But I can't take pictures because they lost it, and still can't find. Maybe they throw away because they don't like it too much.

Well this was a week, warm days, snow, rain, long nights, a lot of mucus, and throat pain. No I'm sick too. The best was woke up at least 20 minutes later and stayed in bed for more time after the breaksfat. Love breaks!!!!  I mean that kind of breaks!!!

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