Week 17: KCW y Naii sewalong

Today is or it was KCW's last day and couldn't finished. :(

But, I started with three clothes and  finished with three too. Over the week was four.

For the first three days I was sewing a shirt for Little Boy. I love it and my kid loves too. Because there are giafa and cooidossss ( giraffes and crocodiles).

  Green Shirt

I bought the fabric in Fabricland last month and when I saw it I thought, "una camisa para mi pequeno", "a shirt for little boy", (I think in Spanish :p) and here it is!!

After I bought the fabric I bought the pattern. I wanted something easy and not expensive and found it in Knippie. This one, on sale. I translated it but understood nothing and remembered Mamasha has a tutorial. Is great! It was a sewalong and she explained step by step (Oh baby. Sorry, can't help sing it, :)). I used my friend, Google Translator because my dutch is zero, (only voorpand, aaand not yet because right now can't remember if it is front or back). Well, the tutorial is absolutely recomendable with really good pictures. And Cuasimodo sleeve's tip, perfect!!!! I'll never forget again.

For the other two or three but really two, clothes. (Ha ha ha, it looks like if I drank a bottle of wine but not, only a chocolate milk glass, maybe is the sugar in my head).
Well,  "Charlie" tees. I used my super elastic and thick blue and yellow knit again (first time and second not finished yet). I wanted two tees, same colors, different sizes. Sewed the first for Big Boy and when I finished it, I realized how thick, Batman shirt*, it was. So for Little Boy I added more fabric, becoming two t-shirts instead of one. But only finished one.

In conclusion Big Boy has a navy blue and yellow "Charlie" with short sleeves and Little Boy has a yellow and turquoise "Charlie" with long sleeves and a green shirt.

Naii sewalong goes well, I have no picture and until now no problems sewing my top. Everyday, I sew less than an hour and next week I will share with you my top's pictures.

Have a great week and now I'm going to sleep. I'm tired.

Green Shirt
Fabric: Cotton from Fabricland
Pattern: Denim Bloes from Knippie.
Tutorial: Hemdjes Sewalong by Mamasha

BB and LB tees
Fabric: Knits from Chile
Pattern: Charlie from Zonen 09 by Mamasha

* Batman shirt: someone suggested me market it like a Batman shirt because Big Boy doesn't want to wear what I make for him. And he used it for two days, Mama is happy and learned.

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